About Executive Director

Navid Hasan Pavel

Executive Director

My academic journey led me to a Specialized Honors degree in Financial and Business Economics from York University. Also pursued an OMBA program at Boston University where I dropped out after the first module out of six. I am currently an active participant in a financial brokerage company in Bangladesh, engaging in investments within the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Recently, I became a member of the Bangladesh Angels Network, enabling connections with startups for potential early-stage investments. Notably, I hold memberships in the Bangladesh Cold Storage Association, Bangladesh Fresh Fruits Importer Association, and JCI Bangladesh. Before my involvement in our family business, I contributed to United Group’s Power division, where I held a key role as an Executive team member for a 200 MW PPP Powerplant

You can find more information on his academic and professional background on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/npavel