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Effect analysis of R22 gas


A refrigerant may be a substance or mixture, usually a fluid, utilized in a heat pump and refrigeration cycle. In most cycles it undergoes part transitions from a liquid to a gas and back again. R22 refrigerant may be a chemical that keeps the air coming back from your air conditioning system cool, so it’s unquestionably incredibly necessary.  The desired thermodynamic properties are a boiling purpose somewhat below the target temperature, a high heat of vaporization, a moderate density in liquid type, a relatively high density in gaseous form, and a high critical temperature. Since boiling purpose and gas density are affected by pressure, refrigerants could also be made a lot of suitable for a particular application by appropriate alternative of operating pressures.

Desirable Properties:

The ideal operating fluid or usually called refrigerant would have favorable thermodynamic properties, be noncorrosive to mechanical parts, and be safe, as well as freedom from toxicity and flammability. It might not cause gas depletion or climate change. Since different fluids have the required traits in different degree, choice is a matter of trade-offs.

Advantages Of R22 Refrigerent:

1) Has less impact on ozone layer: Refrigerant R22 may be a hydroclhorofluorohydrocarbon (HCFC). Its one hydrogen atom in its compound and not all the hydrogen atoms from it are replaced by the halocarbons because it happens in chlorofluorohydrocarbons (CFCs). The halocarbons have high detrimental impact to the layer of environment. Since R22 is HCFC it’s lesser ozone destruction capability. The ozone destruction potential of R22 is merely 5% of refrigerant R11, which has the best ozone destruction potential.

2) Low mechanical device displacement: For manufacturing a similar compression the displacement required by the mechanical device with refrigerant R22 . After all the displacement required for R22 is 60% . This means that for the given displacement of the compressor the system using refrigerant R22 produces 65% a lot of refrigeration capacity. This translates into higher refrigeration efficiency and lower power consumption that is very crucial within the large industrial applications.

3) Greater water absorbing capacity: Refrigerant R22 has greater water absorbing capacity. This is often very important in low-temperature applications since the water in refrigerant R22 would have less troubling effects on the refrigeration system. Anyways, even minor amount of water within the refrigeration system is undesirable.


  • Medium and low temperature commercial and industrial refrigeration and freezer rooms.
  • Cold stores, cabinets, water chillers & process cooling.